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What to Expect on Your Discovery Call – Watch the Video Below

Dr. Nima’s Overview Method is life-changing.

After completing the 90-day program, I feel as though I have come home to myself.

I have gained increased resilience, found my purpose, improved relationships with those I love most and found a deep sense of love within.

There are no words to explain my gratitude for the tools I now have to live an authentic life. It has been the most transformative experience and the absolute best investment I have made in myself.

– Christina

Nima and his Overview team are life changers.

With their guidance, I have gone from anxiety-ridden to powerful and embracing my core values, working within my passions, and having incredible things come to me.

All through the power of unlocking the mind from the bind of past resentments, present delusions, and worries about the future and into inviting beautiful people, experiences and good vibes into my life.

– Chris

Nima is an incredible human being.

His love and devotion to his program and clients are like no other. His program is like no other.

I was able to uncover my blocks, save my marriage, feel again, and finally love myself.

Nima, his team, and his program have been a saving grace in my life and I’m truly grateful.

– Melissa