SWAT Projects Ltd.

Engineering, Design, and Project Management


From Concept to As-Built

Our team of expert engineers work with our clients during all stages of a project to ensure quality and long-term success.

Our in-house disciplines include:

• Process Engineering
• Mechanical and Stress Engineering
• Rotating Equipment Engineering
• Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
• Design and Drafting
• As-Building
• Reality Capture

Our areas of expertise include:

• Natural Gas Processing
• Thermal/SAGD
• Conventional Oil Processing
• Refining
• Waste Heat Recovery
• Sulfur Plants
• Butane Blending / Product Blending

Site Services

See It to Believe It

Our site services team has a deep understanding of field and facility operations.

We have extensive experience executing:

• Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Capital
• Management of Change (MOC)
• Brownfield Debottlenecks
• Turnaround Project/Technical Support
• Sustainable Capital Programs
• Small Development Capital Programs
• FEED/Scoping

Project Services

Success Starts with a Plan

From the most simple to the most complex, SWAT has the expertise and experience to manage a variety of project requirements. 

Our specialties here include:

• Project Management
• Procurement Services
• Scheduling
• Cost Estimating

Our Story

A story of value, performance, and integrity.

Value is our focus, performance is our promise and integrity is our foundation.

SWAT provides expertise and capability for conventional oil and gas, midstream, and SAGD facilities in niche areas using an integrated approach with owner companies.

The SWAT concept was brought to life based on creating and sustaining long-term value for clients/owners in specific niche areas of the oil and gas industry, which have a long-term focus or need towards operational value.

The SWAT team is in place to help clients/owners reach success in executing specific facility-based projects and capital portfolios by bringing qualified and versatile people together in a tight-knit environment, with an execution structure that is built around efficiency and strategic relationships.

With a focus on a niche area of business where clients require long-term help and support, SWAT has developed a simple structure geared towards cost-effective delivery with more consistency and trust built with clients.

Past Projects

“The best compliment is repeat business.”

Wellpad Manufacturing Solutions (WPMS)


We provided engineering support for this project.

Our work included establishing a workable program with a Class III cost estimate and Level 3 Schedule. For the FEED design phase, we provided a Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) for the Wellpad Manufactured Solution and worked with the client as part of the client’s project management team.

We developed a generic design which can be used as the starting template and basis for all future wellpads and simplifies the engineering requirements during the detailed design stage.

We also provided engineering development support for several operational options as well as a detailed schedule and robust pricing tool.

WC3 Truck Off Load


In this project, we worked on the addition of C3+ product offloading capabilities at an existing gas processing facility, with the intention of shipping the C3+ product via pipeline network.

Our team completed detailed engineering work for execution and installation of the following project requirements:

• Vendor Packaged /designed C3+ truck offload, compressor and vaporizer
• LACT Package – templated from SWAT design LACT
• MCC Building
• New C3+ Storage Bullet with attachments
• Foundations/Civil/Earthworks, Interconnecting piping, EIC

Butane Truck Offload & Blending


Located in the Drayton Valley, our client approached us to design a butane truck offload, butane storage and crude oil blending system to maximize the value of their products.

Blending occurs downstream of the sales oil shipping tank, and delivers blended product directly to the sales point.

The butane truck offload skid is designed with vapour recovery and compression to decrease offloading time and reduce flaring and venting during butane delivery.

The blending skid utilizes inline NIR optical Spectroscopy to ensure the client stays within pipeline spec for both density and vapour pressure.

Butane Truck Offload & Blending


In this project, we helped the client build butane storage and blending for an oil battery near Fox Creek, Alberta.

This gave the facility the ability to blend butane with crude oil and condensate products to increase the commercial value of the sales oil.

Butane blending will be performed downstream of the sour oil sales tanks prior to the LACT shipping pumps.

The blending will incorporate metering control valve logic and real time TVP analyzers to maintain product spec.

Sampling capability will be in place to test tank blends and the operations team will have the ability to blend butane as required.

Condestate Blending


For this project, we helped upgrade a gas plant near Fox Creek, Alberta.

A new condensate storage tank and a blending skid were added to receive condensate trucked into the nearby oil battery and blended with the gas plant condensate to achieve a specified sales density.

We installed a monitoring system so vent gas from the new tanks are metered and sent to a VRU to tie into the gas plant’s overhead gas system.

The existing condensate tank was repurposed to receive the blended sales condensate prior to being shipped to the LACT.

The project required full scale project management, engineering and procurement through FEED, and detailed design with construction and commissioning support.

Facility Optimization


In this project we provided detailed engineering, project management and procurement support to re-purpose an aged and under-utilized compressor station.

We did this by reverse flowing an existing pipeline to redirect gas from a shut-down gas plant to an alternate processing facility.

We were also able to find several improvements and optimizations that we could make to the existing infrastructure.

The modifications and improvement options included: modified pig barrel piping for reverse flow, new inlet pressure control, slug control & ESD valve, fuel gas debottlenecking, instrument air compressor install (to replace instrument gas), new produced water tank installation on gravel pad, PLC upgrade with improvements to separator level control and new fire and gas detection system.

Flare Optimization


This project was an engineering study to evaluate blowdown scenarios for a sour gas plant with multiple flare systems and stacks.

Our work included definition and evaluation of current/existing blowdown scenarios followed by identification of options to resolve system issues.

Natural Gas Letdown Station


In this project we supplied FEED engineering for a gas letdown station which provided fuel gas to a power generation facility.

Our work included technical design, specification documents and development of the overall design/build procurement bid package.

We completed a technical evaluation and helped the client review packages to select a contractor that fit their needs.

Gas Plant – Sour to Sweet Conversion


This project involved the conversion of a sour gas plant with sulphur recovery into a sweet operation.

Our work included detailed process evaluations for the facility to assess proposed feedstock changes, isolation requirements, and turndown impacts for the steam system.

It required an integrated team approach with facility resources to ensure all issues were captured and resolved.

LACT Design & TIE-IN


SWAT was responsible for the redesign and optimization of standard LACT skids and tie-in on several 3rd party Pipeline tie-ins.

Project included the FEED, Detail and Procurement support for multiple 3rd party tie-ins to our clients gathering system.

LACT design included pumps, meters, flow control, MCC, Generators, and in some cases Flare systems and Utility design.

Why Us?

Fit-for-purpose execution, accountability and talent.

We believe the focus on these three elements has been lost or diluted in traditional execution models. For a firm to be successful in this niche platform, these three ideas need to be the core focus of that company. The fit-for-purpose approach, people, systems, and culture must be geared towards optimal execution.

It must be the identity of the company, not a side arm or spin-off.

Our focus isn’t multi-billion dollar facilities or pipelines that run coast to coast. Our bread and butter is the type of project that impacts your operations day-to-day and long-term.

Whether it is debottlenecking a facility, adding compression in a field asset, or a simple service such as cost estimating, it is our CORE business, and we will stick to it without the growth distractions from large projects and market swings.

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“The best compliment is repeat business.”

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